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    Why Choose 99 Percentage
    Because, we are what we repeatedly do! Excellence then is not
    a single act, but a habit.

Why Choose 99 Percentage

We understand your product is unique and you have invested ample time and effort in building it. We understand your worry on outsourcing QA that you reckon might entirely be dependent on you and you lack time driving and monitoring it. But let us explain, outsourcing QA is never a challenge as long as you work with the most dependable professionals. We at 99 Percentage have proved this time and again.

You have reached at the right destination, the one stop spot, for all your QA needs! & Quality Is Our Business and we have mastered it with years of hard work!

Our independent specialized software testing and quality assurance skills, knowledge and expertise give you the freedom to relax and watch your high-quality product go live successfully.

Quality Is Our Business and we have mastered it with years of hard work!

Read on to explore why you will not regret working with us.


We are Different !

  • Provide rigorous, custom-fit QA services that are designed to suit any budget

  • Extend our services and support across all time zones by overlapping our work hours with yours

  • Offer stop gap testing service, the exclusive testing we provide during seasonal freeze period

  • Embrace and adopt cutting-edge technologies such as Devops and Agile

  • Adapt to emerging market trends like Digital Assurance and Automation with Continuous Integration

  • Commit ourselves to Continuous learning and improvement

  • Specialize in optimizing Cost of Quality

  • Completely eliminate overhead on you and take full ownership and responsibility not just until project completion but even on maintenance thereafter

We have:

  • Deep business expertise

  • Long-term partnerships with customers

  • Focused and Specialized test and management teams

  • Exposure and domain knowledge of multiple industry verticals

  • Agility on resource management

  • Controllable and efficient processes

  • Solid industry competence encompassing SME's with more a decade's experience

We Offer:

  • End-to-End Quality Management

  • On-demand QA testing customized just for you

  • Maximum ROI with our reusable frameworks

  • Field-proven, Goal-Oriented and Customer-centric approach

  • Varied QA services with Complete QA coverage

  • Scalable Solutions

  • Transparency of our processes

  • Exceptional quality at Competitive pricing

We take care of:

  • Consultation to help you decide what's best for your requirement, the complete package considering technology, process and cost

  • Testing tool assessment

  • Test data management

  • Test environment management

  • Documentation and management of test artifacts

Our Assuring Business values:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Compliance with ISO standards

  • Risk mitigation

  • Efficiency boost

  • Cost reduction

  • Revenue growth

  • Productivity increase

About our skilled test team:

  • ISTQB certified test experts

  • Domain certified in INS 21 and INS 22

  • Passionate, innovative and assertive

  • Collaborative and excellent team players

  • Have extensive Cross-product and Domain-specific knowledge

  • Work in fast-paced environments

  • Possess analytical skills and problem-solving aptitude

  • Pay extremely high attention to detail

  • Got strong organizational and communication skills