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    Security testing
    We secure your business from cyber attacks

Security Testing

In today’s mutually dependent and interlinked world with consumers depending all the more on online channels to make transactions, any security breach, leads to loss in customer confidence and ultimately revenue. With the cyber world becoming more-and-more vulnerable to attacks, security is something that cannot be compromised with. 99 Percentage's security testing team aims at evaluating various elements of security covering integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, vulnerability and continuity.

We care for your software application's security!

We perform the following security testing services:

Our Approach

  • Determining the Scope with unauthorized test scenario

  • Requirements mapping with OWASP and SANS 25

  • Preparing OSINT (Open Source Intelligent Report) Report

  • Information Gathering and Target Discovery Test

  • Malicious Input Control Test

  • Cryptography Test

  • Error Handling and Logging Test

  • Data Protection Test

  • Communication Security Test

  • HTTP Security Test

  • Malicious Controls Test

  • Identified Vulnerability Exploitation Test

  • Documentation and Reporting

  • Retest the fixed issues

Key objectives of security testing at 99 Percentage:

  • Secure and seamless online transactions

  • Security Protection With Cloud-Based Testing

  • Prevent unauthorized access

  • Minimize the risk of data loss

  • Vulnerability Coverage

  • Enhanced resistance to DoS attacks

  • Eliminate false positives

  • Conduct Security audits

  • Use robust framework for Security/Penetration Testing Services.

How do customers benefit from us?
  • The organization's brand image and critical data are safe-guarded.

  • Zero Process Disruption

  • Increased Business Continuity

  • Clients, Partners, and Third Parties are protected

  • Evaluation of Security Investment

  • Comply with Regulation or Security Certification

Tools Used

Kali Linux, Burpsuite, Scuba, Metaspoilt, Scannow