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    Shift Left testing Approach - PRE QA


Business Risks/ Challenges Faced:

Application instability , more defects uncovered by QA leading harder debugging, Cost and schedule overrun

Solutions Offered:

Conducting Pre round of functional services testing and Pre QA testing in Dev environments. This was initiated for the intent of finding functional defects at the earlier stage of SDLC to reduce the cost of quality

Tools / Solution Accelerators Used:
  • Pre-round of Functional Services testing

    Web services testing through SOAP UI with functional test coverage has uncovered defects in early stage before application integration. QA can be able to find 20% defects early in phase .

  • Pre-QA Testing:

    a)Form a core group of testers and tag them to Business Analyst of respective functionalities delivered in the sprint

    b) Work with BAs to identify the list of functionalities that needs to be tested in Sandbox

    c) All test results to be maintained in Defect Management tool for better tracking

  • Benefits

    Early defects in to SDLC, QA involvement at the beginning makes debugging easier, Simple encapsulation, Reduced rework and retest effort, Optimized Cost of Quality