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    Performance testing
    Enhance the speed of your product under heavy loads

Performance Testing

    Your application may be exceptional in the way it functions. But does it handle multiple concurrent users? How much load can it handle?

    Try us for an extraordinary performance of your application!
  • 99 Percentage's performance testing reassures you that your application handles anticipated load and identifies bottlenecks due to CPU/Memory/Network/Disk Utilization or any other.

  • Our solutions determine responsiveness, scalability, reliability, resource usage and interoperability of a system under given workload.

  • Our solutions help to identify if the system meets the expected performance, compare the performance of two or more systems and point-out the load that causes bad performance.

  • We have some of industry's best performance testing experts who have worked across multiple protocols in Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Retail and Pharma Industries.

  • HP Load Runner/Storm Load Runner and JMeter are some of the tools we use for performance testing and it does not stop us from exploring more open source tools to ensure a much contented user experience.

Our Performance Testing Techniques Include

Our solution also offers

  • Network virtualization

    Helps out with the load testing experience across global locations without any need of physical users and machines

  • Monitoring

    Technical experts on App Dynamics, HP Diagnostics and Sitescope identify potential bottlenecks lying in the resources.

Tools used

HP Load Runner, HP Storm Runner,JMeter