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    How We Work
    Your Success Is Our Goal


Our Delivery Models

  • Onshore Consulting and Offshore Delivery

  • Offshore Consulting and Delivery

  • Hybrid Delivery Model

  • Multi-site Delivery model

Our Pricing models

Fixed Price Model

  • Requirements are pre-defined

  • Cost and duration are determined and fixed before the start of the project

  • Intermediate changes in scope and specifications lead to change order, determining revised cost and time

  • Recommended for small and medium-sized projects

  • Used where project is well defined in terms of scope and specification

Time and Material Model

  • Requirements are not defined and are unpredictable at initial stages

  • Cost based on time and resources deployed

  • Gives you the flexibility to modify scope and specifications

  • Recommended for medium & large-sized projects

  • Used where projects are quite complex and are prone to intermediate changes

Dedicated Resource Team Model

  • Requirements are large and unclear

  • Fixed budget and in return you own a dedicated team that work with your flexible scope and specifications

  • Gives you complete control over the project, team and resource management

  • Recommended for large-sized projects

  • Used for long-term large projects in which requirements are imprecise and involve frequent scope/specification changes

Build Operate Transfer Model

  • Budget is determined and a contract is signed by a company with an outsourcing company to set up an offshore delivery unit

  • The outsourcing company builds and operates the unit

  • When the company decides it is ready to takeover, buys the entire unit and its operation, earlier or later than the contractual period

  • Outsourcing company supports transition

  • Used when you enter a new foreign market. Helps to strengthen your capabilities and mitigate venturing risks.

Our Differentiating Test Approach:

  • Static Testing performed during Requirement Analysis

  • Pre QA – Pre Functional testing performed by QA

  • Domain SME Review on Test Design

  • Production Live files used for Test data set up

  • Sprint Unique Id execution Approach

  • Dedicated Defect Management Team

  • ELearning KT

  • End to End Quality Management

  • Application Quality Index Reporting