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    How To Get Started
    Every great finish was once a simple beginning. Start NOW!

How To Get Started

  • Sign NDA

    We commit and stand by the Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep the exchanged data confidential

  • Let us Access your Software

    It is best for you to let us access your software/application. This will help us understand your product completely and allow us to provide you the best QA services. If accessing your software is not possible, we do have an alternative.

  • Provide us your project documents

    Business Requirement Document and Functional Specification Document can be used to learn about your product in the absence of an access to your software.

  • We give free consultation based on our analysis

    Is testing needed for your product? Is testing your product feasible? What testing should you do on your product? How much does it cost? We answer these and more of your questions!

Start NOW, when getting started is as simple as this!
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