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    Game Testing
    We provide unmatched quality control of video games

Game Testing

Gaming industry is a technology-led highly influential industry that challenges big data and telecommunication industry to constantly provide customers an improved gaming experience. While game Testing assures the quality of a game, interactive game Testing is a highly technical specialization requiring computing expertise, critical observation and evaluation skills, analytic competence, and endurance.

99 Percentage's Game Testing assures you a fabulous and sensational gaming experience.
  • Our game testers possess all the required skills of game Testing including detail-oriented skills, investigation and trouble-shooting skills.

  • They design, develop and implement manual and automated tests suits that are innovative, scalable, leverage cutting edge technologies, and implement framework solutions for web and mobile products.

  • Game Testing at 99 Pecentage is not just done with alpha and beta versions; it is highly focused on testing using established and tedious methodologies before alpha version.

  • Analyze the gaming requirements

  • Prepare test plan with the types of testing to be conducted with the approach detailed

  • Capture the positive flow of the game to move onto the scores

  • Capture the test for cheaters who violate game or denying service to peer

  • Add the exploiting misplaced trust or cheating by exploiting client server infrastructure

  • Add scenarios or collusion or game specific cheats like internal misuse, collusion, lack of secrecy

  • Execute the scenarios captured

  • Raise defects and retest once fixed

  • Conduct the test in production environment as well to ensure quality

Our Offerings:
  • Stunning gaming experience with exceptional optimization

  • Game Testing on PC/Laptops, mobile devices, cloud and Console gaming

  • Consultation based on game play feedback on subjects like fun factor, difficulty, usability etc.

  • Software testing, identify programming issues, evaluate product for content guidelines, and document quality-assurance checks.

  • Ensure scalability & latency

  • Build security from malicious attacks

  • Develop Quality Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and QA success measures based on KPIs

  • Usage of commercial, open source, and cloud test tools for game Testing

  • Committed and progressive team

  • Highly passionate, technical and game savvy testers

To provide an immaculate gaming experience, 99 Percentage provides end-to-end testing service by :

  • Functionality Testing

  • Compliance Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Localization Testing

  • Platform Testing and Multi-Platform Testing

  • Multiplayer Testing

  • Mobile game Testing

  • Online and Network Testing

  • Experience Testing

  • Certification Testing

Tools Used

Appium, AWS Mobile farm