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    DevOps testing
    Where Software development and IT-Ops meet

DevOps Testing

With the evolution of digital transformation in software industry, and with the success of agile and continuous delivery, DevOps has taken a strong hold in the integration of software development and IT operations by automating the processes of software delivery and infrastructure changes. DevOps is a cultural shift and collaboration between development, testing and operations.

So, being an emerging, popular term, how important is DevOps to your business
  • DevOps is the potpourri of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that has proved to deliver applications and services at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes

  • 99 Percentage's helps you understand the need and role DevOps plays in your business

  • We demonstrate the fact that as businesses lean towards agile, the number of releases increases and hence, the increasing need for DevOps.

  • We provide end-to-end test automation that seamlessly works with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools.

  • With our noteworthy knowledge on DevOps, we have the expertise to choose the DevOps tool chain that fits for you.

Our Offerings

  • Consultation on technologies and techniques to be used

  • Analyze the requirement /specifications and Zero-down on the tools to be used

  • Implementation with increased velocity

  • Establish an environment that releases more reliable applications, faster and more frequently

  • Continuous DevOps testing and automation wherever required

  • TDD (Test-Driven Development) approach followed in combination with BDD (Behavioral-Driven Development) process

  • Rapid delivery

  • Guaranteed exceptional software quality

  • Better software reliability

  • Improved collaboration

  • Secure system

  • Paramount focus on end customers

Benefits of DevOps Testing

  • Makes software development faster and faster releases

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Obtain immediate feedback on business risks associated with a software release

  • Early exposure of application risks

  • Optimization of process as a result of continuous testing

Tools Used