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    Compatibility Testing
    Ensure your product works the same across all platforms

Compatibility Testing

Your application is designed for Chrome browser. And you want to make sure that it functions the same way in every other browser. Unfortunately you do not have the time, effort and funds to test it across all browsers and platforms.

How compatible is your application?
  • 99 Percentage's compatibility testing team makes sure your application/system/website is completely compatible across all platforms.

  • We validate responsiveness of the system against various Operating systems, servers, databases, hardware versions, configurations, browsers, display resolutions, internet connection speeds, network environments, devices, etc.

  • We analyze the project and with our in-house expertise on compatibility testing derive the optimum test scenarios based on the specification and matrix of test parameters.

  • Considering the time and effort into account, we make your application extensively compatible with the highest quality.

Our Approach

  • Identification of the major Compatibiltiy issues of your software Product

  • Test Plan Creation for Compatibiltiy Testing

  • Allocation for Resources required for testing

  • Execution of the test plan across a mutliple platforms devices and operating systems

  • Regular update of the entire process

  • Rectification of the bugs and Compatibiltiy issues

  • Final Project Review and Signed Off

Our Compatibility Test Services are done on

  • Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, iOS and Linux

  • Internet browsers: IE, Firefox, Netscape Chrome, Safari and Opera

  • Devices: Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung and Nokia

  • Hardware Combinations: Graphic cards, Processor and Chipset

Compatibility Testing Offerings at 99 Percentage:

  • Forward compatibility and backward compatibility testing

  • Specialized cross-browser and cross-platform testing services

  • Use of cloud-testing services for mobile platforms and others

  • In-house generation of optimal test coverage matrix

  • Enhanced user satisfaction

Tools Used

Appium, AWS Mobile Farm, Browser Shots