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    SEO Testing
    We get your website more hits and higher ranking
    with our elaborate test report

SEO  Testing

You have a user-friendly website with great content and good performance. Yet, you have fewer visitors and want more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to your lock!
  • SEO helps optimize your website for search engines and subsequently improve search engine rankings.

  • 99 Percentage's SEO testing team analyses on-page SEO such as content and HTML source code optimization and off-page SEO such as links and other external signals optimization by using specialized tools and instruments.

  • The skilled testing team then applies required testing techniques for improved relevant traffic in search engines and records results.

  • Our detailed test report shows the parameters that hinder high ranking of your website and with our expert solutions the gap can be closed.

Our Approach

  • Analyze the requirement

  • Zero-down the testing type to be followed for the requirement

  • Test by applying heuristic strategy. For instance, by adding/removing links, images, videos, keywords, comments section etc.

  • Repeat the testing many times

  • Analyze the results using our in-house SEO analyzer tool and arrive at an optimal solution

  • Provide a detailed test report that explains the defects in your website

  • Retest the fixed defects

The Search Strategy:

A search engine looks upon, along with other factors, the following key parameters during a search:

  • Word

  • Title

  • Link

  • Reputation

By optimizing these parameters and applying logical strategies on the algorithms used, higher ranking can be achieved.

Key Testing Types we follow for SEO:

  • A/B testing

  • Split A/B testing by creating control groups and variable groups

  • Multivariate testing