ROI Calculator



Assumption :
Manual Test case Execution Productivity - 12 Per day
Automation script Development Productivity - 4 hrs
Automation Execution Productivity - 25 scripts per day


Return on Investment calculator is a practical guide to understand the possible returns of Automation Investment. We follow a simplistic approach in calculating the ROI. This calculator analyzes the effort and cost involved in Automation, based on the background information (existing manual testing details) that you provided as input.

ROI can be calculated for Automation with the clear understanding on the Automation scope and what value it adds to your overall testing effort.

It is always good to understand and analyze the need for automation, analyze the product test requirements and the existing regression test suite, identify the right test automation tool and then estimate the timeframe required to design and automate the entire testing. This will help you to find the potential ROI before we invest in the project. The ROI calculator will give you the information of the project testing cost for both Manual & Automation.

The report also compares these and gives the break-even period and the % of savings.

Test Automation ROI = Manual Testing Cost – Test Automation Investment

Before calculating the ROI, we should be able to get the detailed information of

  • Releases planned for a year

  • # of regression cycles per year

  • # of existing regression test cases

  • # of configurations/services to be tested

  • Resource cost

  • Infrastructure cost

Once we collate with all these factors, we shall be ready to calculate the ROI. As a first step, get ready with all these numbers.

  • Automation tool cost (NA for Open source tool)

  • # of Automation test coverage

  • Effort required for Automation scripting, Building reusable component, framework design.

  • Automation resource cost