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    OTT & Streaming Media Testing
    Seamless delivery of streaming media and OTT content
    is our priority

OTT & Streaming Media Testing

With an enormous technological shift, Over-The-Top (OTT) content has been on limelight for the recent years, benefiting users to a great extent. OTT is the service such as VoIP and IPTV that you use over the network services of your service provider.

  • OTT testing comes into play to ensure an end-user to view continuous video by adapting to available bandwidth and recovering from network interruptions.

  • 99 Percentage's testing team delivers high quality media streaming by effectively testing voice, video and data content over the internet.

Our Approach

  • Analyse OTT requirements

  • Capture HTTP servers and network infrastructure details

  • Validate to have the end user to watch the videos on different bandwidths

  • Validate it for both SVoD and AVoD videos

  • Capture the situations where OTT go wrong

  • Debug on it and work for the fix and re-validate

Key OTT testing types performed by us:

  • UI testing including user settings and user interactions

  • OTT Functional testing

  • Automation testing

  • Streaming Performance testing

  • Network connectivity testing

  • Security testing wherever required

Our Offerings

  • Leverage Quality of Service (Latency, Responsiveness, Customer experience, Throughput, Flickers etc.) and Quality of Experience

  • Assure advanced connectivity and security features in your product

  • Dynamic video delivery by smart, competent, exhaustive OTT Testing

  • Testing carried out on various OTT platforms such as mobile platforms of Apple & Android, AppleTV Generations 2/3/4, Android TVs, Xbox360, Playstation, Fire TV, Roku, etc.

  • Support testing of SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) and AVoD (Ad-based Video on Demand) models

  • Ensure smooth video playback with high image quality by testing all video aspects

  • Deliver prototype, test multi-screen experience, cross platform compatibility (Android, iOS, Windows), stream accessibility, audio track synchronization and separation, and guarantee phenomenal user experience.

Tools Used

Test Wizard Harness