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    IoT testing
    Connect and Stay connected, with IoT Testing

IoT Testing

The inter-network of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data, challenge their interoperability to a great extent and thereby emerges the need for IoT testing.

  • Though many of the technologies, standards and protocols in the IoT space are still evolving, 99 Percentage offers you IoT testing to ensure the quality, scalability and performance of IoT Apps to meet the market standards.

  • We understand the needs of our customers and devise a substantial test strategy that focuses on testing methods, practices, platforms and tools used specific to the requirement.

Our Approach

  • Analyze the IOT requirements

  • Plan for edge testing at networks edge using algorithms that requires scale of computation and data volume /velocity.

  • Validate Protocol and device interoperability requirements

  • Perform security and privacy testing

  • Perform network impact testing

  • Validate performance and end user application scenarios which includes real time analytics and time – bound outputs.

Our Offerings

  • Consultation on technologies and techniques to be used

  • Customized Test framework to suffice customer's needs

  • End-to-End interoperability testing for IoT Solutions

  • In most cases, we use actual physical devices for testing. Otherwise, our test experts in agreement with architects make logical decision on which devices are important to have tested.

  • Ensure security and connectivity for IoT

  • Real-time gray box testing with understanding on applications, OS, hardware, architecture and firmware by simulation and service virtualization when required.


  • Expensive to replicate the real environment

  • Third party involvement for the Sub systems and services creates the dependency over the system testing.

  • Compatability and connectivity issues

  • Increased need of right test data among different systems

  • Power problems

Solutions & Best Handlings

  • Well defined requirements, detailed test plan, incremental testing type and effective communication would form the basis of iOT testing

  • QA expertize on architecture, the Operating System, hardware, applications, protocols and shortcomings of hardware gadgets to design good test cases.

  • Robust backend validations using DB test experts

  • QA to verify on cutting-edge tools, consoles, viewers and simulators to ensure successful execution of the project

  • Detailed error taxonomies usage

Tools Used

Wireshark, Tcpdump, JTAG Dongle