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    ETL, DWH & SOA Testing
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ETL Testing

Extract Transform & Load (ETL) process plays an essential role in IT analytics by moving data and manipulating it into highly usable forms.

  • 99 Percentage's ETL testing surpasses in the accomplishment of production reconciliation and upholds data integrity for traditional database systems that target data of fixed and highly-optimized form, as well as, for modern analytics platform where the data model is not fixed.

  • Our skilled testers work closely with data scientists and very well adopt high-powered ETL tools, be it on cloud or on-premises.

  • Our testing specialists are well-versed in maintaining clear ETL mapping sheets and DB Schema of Source-Target, the base essentials of ETL testing.


Our Approach

  • Identify data sources and requirements

  • Data acquisition, Data profiling, Data Quality & Performance

  • Review Data dictionary

  • Validate source to target mapping

  • Validate ETL/DW Architecture

  • Validate Data model

  • Perform Indexing , partitioning, etc

  • Archival /Purge strategy

  • Error logging/Exception handling/recoverability

  • Parallel execution /Precedence

  • ETL Pull logic full/Incremental

  • Test data preparation

  • ETL testing (End to end scenarios execution)

  • OLAP & Cube testing

  • Report testing (Drill Down)

Key types of ETL testing we support

  • Production validation testing

  • Source to target testing

  • Metadata testing

  • Data Completeness, accuracy and quality testing

  • Data transformation testing

  • Application Upgrades


Tools Used

Perl/Python, Tera Data, Informatica, Sagent solution


Data Ware House (DWH) & Reports Testing

Enterprise Data warehouse system is adopted for reporting and data analysis. It is welcomed for delivering enhanced BI, enhanced data quality and consistency, and saves time in decision-making.

  • At 99 Percentage, we follow the evolutionary approach on verification and validation of the application data marts to ensure smooth flow of data.

  • DWH testing, at 99 Percentage, is usually performed during integration testing phase or during system test and involves testing the DB manager and monitoring tools, DB features and performance

  • We believe that having reports which accurately reflect business information is critical to the process of sound decision making and accurate operational data is a key competitive advantage to any reporting tool. Hence we make sure Reports testing is part of our ETL and DWH testing.

Our Approach:

  • Analyse the requirements

  • Review data dictionary

  • Validate data mapping and the data warehouse architecture

  • Plan test back uprecovery

  • Test Operational environment

  • Test the database

  • Test Data warehouse End to End scenarios

  • Report data issues and retest once they are fixed


Tools Used

Test Bench, TOSCA, RapidRep, QuerySurge, DTM Data comparer, Test data manager


SOA & API Testing

With the benefits of improved business agility, flexibility, reduction in cost and delivering simpler systems, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been popular since more than a decade ago.

  • 99 Percentage's excellence in SOA testing guarantees high quality of software by process orchestration, continuous integration, optimized datasets and enhanced routing of data between systems and test data management.

  • 99 Percentage also pioneers in assuring the core functionality and performance of a product by testing both inbound and outbound API calls.

  • Though mostly carried out during integration testing, we also engage in API testing at other phases of testing, depending on business requirement specifications.

Our Approach:

  • Analyse the Requirements and services

  • Collect WSDL points & request XMLs

  • Execute the XMLs and get the response XMLs using the tool

  • Validate the response XMLs

  • Uncover the defects at an earlier stage


Tools Used

LISA, HP Services test, GH Tester, SOAP UI, SOA Test.